Endowed Flying High


The big question was ‘would Peter Pan fly?’ in the months running up to the first performance at Bridgnorth Endowed School. With the cast all assembled ready for their briefing before the dress rehearsal, the curtain drew back and Harry Lowbridge, playing Peter Pan, flew across the stage to rapturous applause. And the applause didn’t stop for another 5 performances. The show was seen by over 1500 friends, family and members of the community of Bridgnorth and their praise for the show has been universal.

“It is good to see a school working together, across the ages, producing such a fantastic outcome, where so few schools work this way” said one member of the community, “an outstanding show, how did you manage to have over 140 students involved and so many staff working behind the scenes? That says something very positive about Bridgnorth Endowed Schools ethos” said another.

The show was a great mixture of humorous moments, poignant episodes and dramatic interludes and so now, with the last performance still warm in their minds the question on everyone’s lips is ‘what are we going to do next year?’ and from so many primary and secondary students in the audience ‘what part can I play in such a great production in 2015?’

Endowed Careers Fair a Resounding Success


The first Careers Fair organised by BES attracted so many employers and educational partners that some had to be turned away. 950 students from the Endowed and many students from local schools as well as parents and members of the public took this opportunity to explore career and educational options throughout the day.

The concept of the careers fair came about in the summer 2013, with the realisation that it would be good to be proactive in helping our students have clear ideas about their options and a clarity to the pathways available to them after school.

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GCSE League tables show Endowed school highest performing school in Bridgnorth for the fifth consecutive year

Small Science

Staff and students at the Endowed school were celebrating continued success when GCSE league tables were released last week. Head-teacher, Phil Loveday said, “every year the Government measures schools in more and more precise ways with the ‘Best 8 value added measure’ being the latest and most precise. It is a good measure because it takes into account student progress across a broad range of subjects including English, Maths, Science, a language, and a humanities subject. Last year we were disappointed with a blip in maths results following four years of fantastic results in this subject which makes such a great progress figure of over 1000 even more amazing. Achieving a ‘best 8’ result of over 1000 means that students make better progress at the Endowed than students nationally.

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Picture 2


Bridgnorth Endowed tutor group representatives, the Headteacher and British Legion held a Service of Remembrance in the newly designed garden at lunchtime on the 11th November 2013. Tutor groups wrote messages on crosses and these were placed in the garden and some of the especially written Year 9 poems were read out in the service. During the lunchtime students placed ‘posts’ on a Remembrance Wall outside the garden.