This year’s performance of Grease was performed to a sell-out crowd of over 1500 audience members. The students worked incredibly hard over a number of months, which demonstrated a large number of students and staff working together to achieve a common goal: The best school show ever!

The students demonstrated their dedication by not only rehearsing after school, but coming in to school for rehearsals on weekends.  Another major success was the amount of students involved, with well over 100 students  taking part, not just on stage but also directing and guiding younger students, painting scenery, choreographing dances, learning songs, organising props and running the backstage and technical elements of the show.

We could not have created such a spectacle without the excellent work from our students and the continued hard work and support by the staff involved.

Some quotes from the students:

“It’s been an experience I will never forget, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment”
“The shows get better every year… The atmosphere around the show is brilliant!”
“It made me proud to be at BES”
“It was great how everyone worked together and everyone had their part to play”

And some quotes from the audience:

“Grease was a fantastic production. The whole family were very impressed. We are so grateful how our child is being encouraged in Drama and music it’s really helped him develop and be a happy person”.

“Words escape me to express how good you all were!”

“Thank you so much for such an entertaining performance of “Grease”. It was so professional in all aspects….music, singing, dancing, costumes, nifty scene changes…..and opportunities for so many students to take part. There were, of course, some amazing individual performances but everyone worked so well together to make a fantastic evening. I enjoyed it so much!”


Ofsted update: March 2015.

We are continuing to work through our plan to bring the school out of Special Measures and prepare for our next visit from HMI, which we anticipate will be shortly after Easter.

Our focus during this period has been on improving the quality of teaching and learning, particularly in English, Maths and Science, and on closing the gap between the performance of disadvantaged students and their peers. This has involved concentrated effort to bring the practice of all teachers up to the standards of the best in areas such as marking and assessment. The governors on our Strategy Committee meet monthly with the Senior Leadership Team to monitor progress against the improvement plan and consider whether anything else needs to be done to achieve our aims.

In addition, our Performance and Standards Committee meets with Mr Loveday and Mr Davey at least every half term to receive detailed reports on the progress all our pupils are making.

Real progress is being made. We are optimistic that we will see a much improved percentage of Year 11 pupils achieving A* to C grades including English and Maths in the forthcoming exams and that the performance of disadvantaged students will be much closer to that of other pupils. Our projected results for Year 13 are also looking positive, building on the success of last year. If our students achieve this level of success in the summer exams it will be a sign that we are on the right track. We will need to show that students are making progress at the expected rate, or better, in all year groups and that our arrangements for monitoring and managing the quality of teaching and learning are robust enough to ensure that improvements are sustainable.

Mr Loveday is continuing to work with some teachers who are away from school due to sickness and to secure stable arrangements for teaching their classes in their absence. There is no doubt that we would prefer to see all our teachers in front of their classes every day, but some absences are unavoidable and we need to support colleagues who are ill to get back to work. In the meantime arrangements are in place to provide the best available teaching to students through the deployment of our best non specialist teachers and the use of agency supply teachers where necessary.

If you have any questions or comments about this item please email me at mfreathy@bridgnorthendowed.co.uk

Mark Freathy.

Chair of Governors.

Introducing SAM Learning

Bridgnorth Endowed is very excited to announce that students now have access to the excellent SAM Learning platform.

SAM Learning

SAM Learning is an online revision platform to allow our students to fully prepare themselves for the upcoming exams. There are thousands of activities for over 20 subjects that are specifically tailored to the exams our students will be taking.

The activities are marked automatically – so students will not have to wait! They can see immediately how they did on a test and have the opportunity to try again after refreshing their knowledge and understanding.

Students can compete against their friends or the whole school by completing tasks and earning points for the leaderboards. They can even earn themselves some Vivo points for successfully finishing activities.

SAM Learning can have a hugely positive affect on students exam results if they put in just a few hours of revision a week – it can be accessed on any computer with internet access and most of the activities can also be used on tablets.

To log in, or for more information, visit the Sam Learning website

SAM Learning Activity


Best ever A level results for Endowed students,

out-performing many local rivals and colleges.



There was excitement at Bridgnorth Endowed School as A- level results were announced.

The school is pleased to announce its best ever A-level results. 46% of A-level students were A*- B grades (this is the Government School comparison measure at A-level)

Of particular note is Ben Leather who achieved 3A* grades in Chemistry, Maths and Physics and an A in Further Maths who is going on to study Physics at Manchester University. Top performing students include Ben Spicer A*, A*, A, A who is hoping to go to Warwick to study Maths; Laura Yates A*, A*, B, B who goes to Nottingham to study Business with French; Thor Preston A, A, A, B who is going to Imperial College to study Chemistry. Sean O’Gara A, A, A, C and Xusha Andrews with A, A, A, B also did fantastically well.

Mr Loveday offered his congratulations to both staff and students saying, “We are delighted at the achievements of our students. The students and staff have worked very hard and this shows in the fantastic results achieved. These results open up many exciting opportunities for our students many of whom will go on to University or begin their careers and we will continue to support them to be the best that they can be.”

Bridgnorth Endowed School GCSE success

GCSE 2014

Following on from the best ever A-level results at Bridgnorth Endowed school last week, we are really pleased with the progress made by our GCSE students and especially delighted for the following students who have done fantastically well, amongst others:

Mary Spicer and Elliott Watters who achieved 11 A*/A grades; Imogen Edwards, Jess Knowles, Dom Wills, Callum Van de Weyer and Rebecca Wain who each achieved 10 A*/A grades, Nick Larsen and Tajwar Ahmed who achieved 9 A*/A grades and Meagan Broady who achieved 8 A*/A grades.

Mr Loveday, headteacher at the Endowed school, said, ‘We have worked hard with the students over the last five years, preparing them for their exams and these students have done fantastically well, setting themselves up for the next stage of their education.’ Many parents spoke to Mr Loveday on results morning, pleased with the performance of their child, but one parent’s comment really summarised their thoughts, “The kids can work hard but without the care guidance and support and great teaching they get at the Endowed School my son would never have got close to these outstanding results.”

‘The data’

71% of students achieved at least 5 higher passes

Over 20% of all grades were at A* or A and almost 80% of all grades were at A* to C

58% of students achieved at least 1 A or A* grade with over a third achieving at least 2 of these highest grades and more than 1 in 10 students achieving at least 5 A or A* grades

97% of students achieved at least 5 passes at A* to G

English and Maths results were both above the National pass-rate of 62% for each subject.