Results Days

A Level Results – Thursday 13th August 2015

Available for collection from the 6th Form Centre as follows:

Year 13 : 09.00am to 10.30am

Year 12 : 10.30am to 12noon

GCSE Results – Thursdy 20th August 2015

Available for collection from the Old Hall as follows:

Year 11 : 09.30am to 11.00am

Year 10 : 11.00am to 12noon

Year 9 : 1100am to 12noon

If you are unable to attend on these days and would like someone to collect the results on your behalf, they will need to produce written permission from yourself. We will not release results to another person without this permission.

Summer Soirée 2015

BES staff, pupils, parents and invited guests celebrated an evening of musical talent at their annual ‘Summer soiree’ last Friday evening.

Lead by music teacher Josie Bradford the audience enjoyed a range of spectacles including songs from both the choir and year 7 choir; musical pieces from the orchestra and solos from saxophonists, pianists and singers. This contrasted perfectly with the rock bands that performed cover songs alongside pieces they had written themselves.

There were many new faces making their debut appearance which made the whole evening very exciting. This event demonstrated a reflection of the last 6 years progress made by the music department at the Endowed, under the leadership of Josie; who leaves us in the summer for pastures new.

We wish Miss Bradford our very best wishes and look forward to seeing the new faces that were showcased on Friday, much more in the future life of the Creative Arts department at BES

OFSTED HMI monitoring visit a success

At BES we are approaching the summer with growing optimism following the recent HMI monitoring visit of Lead Inspector Mel Ford and her team on 2 and 3 June and the pupil progress data from May half term.

I am very happy to report that Ms Ford has found that “The academy is making reasonable progress towards the removal of special measures”, which is the judgement that an HMI is called upon to make at this stage in the process. Her further comments include many positive observations, particularly in relation to the superb progress of our students:

  • Information about students’ progress is now robust and, increasingly, it is being used effectively… Consequently, you are confident that the predicted rise in achievement for all students this year will be underpinned by significantly better achievement of disadvantaged students. The progress made by disabled students and those who have special educational needs is also improving.
  • …the evidence seen by inspectors suggests that teaching is improving overall in all key stages, including the sixth form.
  • Students routinely show respect for staff and for each other…. Students say that they feel safe in the academy and they talk confidently of how to keep themselves safe in a range of situations, including when using the internet. They say that bullying is very rare, and that it is dealt with rapidly if it occurs
  • Staff morale is high because you have established a team ethos of working together to achieve the required improvements. Staff clearly appreciates this. They say that there is a consistent drive to improve but that this is backed up by training and support where required.

We were able to identify the areas in which there is still work to do and Ms Ford agreed with our assessment. You can read her letter in full here.

Our action plan in response to the Ofsted report is being delivered through the hard work and determination of the staff and the benefits to pupils are now visible in the progress that students are making across the school. The proof, at least as far as Years 11, 12 and 13 are concerned, will come when we get the results of this summer’s exams in August, but we are hopeful that we will exceed our original targets for GCSE and A / AS Level and produce results that are close to, and possibly exceed, our best of the past.

The “gap” between the attainment and progress of “Pupil Premium” students and their peers has narrowed significantly in all year groups as a result of the targeted interventions designed to address this concern. The progress made by our Pupil Premium students in Years 7 and 8 is particularly pleasing and will stand them in good stead as they move through the school towards GCSE and A Levels.

As governors we have been delighted by the speed with which this is being achieved. We decided early on that we would respond positively to the Ofsted Report and that we would require as much stability in the school as possible in order to achieve the improvements needed quickly enough to impact positively on the outcomes for the current Years 11, 12 and 13. This strategy appears to be bearing fruit this summer.

The staffing difficulties in Science have now been resolved for September and the school goes into the new academic year with strong and committed teams. Contrary to some ill-founded rumours, there are not large numbers of staff leaving. We are, of course, sorry to be losing a small number of teachers from options subjects, which is usual at this time of year, but are pleased to see the individuals building their careers in their chosen ways. We are confident that we have made good appointments to these vacancies and that the high standards we have become used to in options subjects will be maintained.

There is still work to do, of course, in order to ensure that our students continue to thrive and achieve. Governors and senior staff have already begun putting together the plan for the next academic year following the HMI visit. This will mean consolidating and building upon the improvements made in the last few months and ensuring that practice is consistent across the school. As a consequence, the plan will be significantly slimmer than the last and there will be a particular focus on further improvements in:

  • Marking and Assessment – to ensure that all students get positive, helpful feedback from their teachers on what they need to do to improve and that teachers make good use of the data that they have to inform their teaching;
  • Differentiation – to ensure that what is taught is at the appropriate level for the student and is stretching them all to do better;
  • Expectation – to give students high expectations of themselves in terms of future careers as well as their exam results and to help them strive for more.

Despite the label applied by Ofsted last autumn there has never been a better time to be at BES. We are aiming for excellence.

If you have any questions or comments about this item, or feel you would like to become involved in the school’s journey in some capacity, please email me atmfreathy@bridgnorthendowed.co.uk

Mark Freathy

Chair of Governors.

Disney Delight!

Over Easter, 54 girls from Bridgnorth Endowed School embarked on a netball tour to Disneyland Paris. The tour included sessions of netball coaching from top internationals and a series of competitive matches.

When they weren’t playing the girls spent their time enjoying the many rides and attractions at the famous park. The trip finished with a gala dinner where all the teams were awarded trophies.

Students commented that they had a fantastic time and really enjoyed playing against a wide variety of teams from all over the country.

Tour leaders Nikki Bills – Brown and Louise Poole said, ‘it was an amazing experience for the students; they all learned a great deal and they are looking forward to using their new skills next season.


Introducing SAM Learning

Bridgnorth Endowed is very excited to announce that students now have access to the excellent SAM Learning platform.

SAM Learning

SAM Learning is an online revision platform to allow our students to fully prepare themselves for the upcoming exams. There are thousands of activities for over 20 subjects that are specifically tailored to the exams our students will be taking.

The activities are marked automatically – so students will not have to wait! They can see immediately how they did on a test and have the opportunity to try again after refreshing their knowledge and understanding.

Students can compete against their friends or the whole school by completing tasks and earning points for the leaderboards. They can even earn themselves some Vivo points for successfully finishing activities.

SAM Learning can have a hugely positive affect on students exam results if they put in just a few hours of revision a week – it can be accessed on any computer with internet access and most of the activities can also be used on tablets.

To log in, or for more information, visit the Sam Learning website

SAM Learning Activity